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Dear Snoqualmie Valley Residents,

It's my sincerest pleasure to recommend North Bend Montessori to all prospective families. Both of our girls, Natalie and Dana Korssjoen, attended North Bend Montessori. The foundation they received at early ages is still evident today, not only through their academic achievements, but through their personal ones as well.

Natalie entered the Montessori program shortly after her second birthday and attended through first grade. Today she is fourteen and venturing off to high school. She received the President's Award for Academic Excellence upon graduation from Twin Falls Middle School. The award is presented to students who earned 3.8 and above throughout their middle school careers. Several classmates received the same award. The majority of those students also graduated North Bend Montessori with her. Natalie is enrolled on three honors classes next year as she begins her high school career.

Dana entered the Montessori program shortly after her third birthday and attended through Kindergarten. Today she is eleven and venturing off to middle school. I distinctly remember her giving a math lesson to a fourth grader, while she was in kindergarten. The fourth grader was struggling with multiplication until Dana explained it as a game of regrouping numbers, because she had already learned multiplication through play. Upon graduation from Opstad, she received highest honors given from Ms. Marcia Townsend, the SVSD director of the highly capable program. Her fellow students in the highly capable program were also graduates of North Bend Montessori.

The skills/foundation they learned is not limited to academics. For example, I remember an “introduction game/sing-a-long” played in Sally's class. It was a method of roll-calling that brought the shyest child out of their shell. My kids learned confidence through that game. I remember the Christmas program where the students not only san, but they incorporated sign language with the lyrics. Both of our girls are now talented musicians and are in the jazz band programs at middle school and high school. They learned sharing and respect. They learned foreign language skills. They put on play and shared them with local nursing home residents. They served treats to others before serving themselves.

We can't recommend North Bend Montessori to you enough. Get started already!

Julie & Sherwood Korssjoen
July 2010
As many new parents who want only the best early education for their child, we agonized over where to send our first child to preschool. We carefully interviewed friends, met with teachers, and toured most preschools in the area.

North Bend Montessori came to us highly recommended and has now been a part of our three children's lives and our extended family for nearly 8 years.

The Montessori education has given our children what we felt was most important at such a young age…the gift of exploration, hands on inquiry, socialization, and a love for learning. In turn, they were well prepared both socially and academically in their transition to elementary school.

The teachers and staff at North Bend Montessori have years of experience in early childhood education and the Montessori approach. We cannot praise them enough for their knowledge, skill, love, and care for children. Knowing that our children are able to learn in a safe and loving environment has given us peace of mind.

We will forever be grateful for the wonderful start that North Bend Montessori has given our three children and the many friendships that have been created there over the years. We highly recommend North Bend Montessori for early childhood education!

Tom and Darla Chapman
Snoqualmie, WA
After recently moving to North Bend and touring 2 other local Montessori schools, I knew after a few minutes in a trial class, that North Bend Montessori was the only place for my son! He bonded immediately with Ms. Dawn and Ms. Vicki and we couldn't be happier with our choice. My son has learned so many valuable lessons and has fun doing it. It was such a cool moment for us, last fall at a family dinner, when he perfectly recited the Pledge of Allegiance... Even better, I could tell he was so proud of himself! Personally, I really appreciate the atmosphere that Ms. Dawn creates in her class. She is kind, creative, approachable and encouraging. The kids just love running up to her wide open arms for a big hug and a smile! I can't wait to send my daughter to Ms. Dawn in a few years too!

~Jess McKinnon
When my lil guy was about 2 1/2 my work schedule changed and I needed to find a great preschool FAST! It seemed a daunting task to find a good school with the warmth and care a 2 year old needs.
As a former PreK teacher I am really particular about Jens' school experience.
We found North Bend Montessori and have loved it since the first visit.

Jens has attended NBM for the last 2 1/2 years and is thriving! He loves school , his teachers and “all my kids”! The daily kindness and warmth of the teachers and aides in the classrooms - Mrs Sally, Miss Lori, Miss Sue, Miss Kimberly - has made our experience there so much better than I expected. The entire staff is inviting and engaging.

The structure and learning opportunities are consistent and well thought out. At about 4 1/2 we noticed that Jens' was reading to us! He likes to play math and estimation games at home. He is full of stories about school each day when we pick him up and only complains when we are too early.

I could not have found a better place for my then 2 1/2 year old toddler and now 5 year old lil man!
I have and will continue to spread the word!

Thank you!

Carolyn Coffee Nissen - Jens' Mom
My daughter, Megan went to North Bend Montessori when she started her educational experience. After two years there, she went to public school. She was quite advanced compared to her classmates who didn't have her same opportunity. She always excelled in her learning, and I believe it is because of the good foundation from her early years. I also observed that her classmates from North Bend Montessori were always at the top of the class throughout their entire school years.

Cindy Vogel
"Both of our children attended North Bend Montessori, Inc. from the ages of 3-6, respectively. They went through pre-school and Kindergarten at this wonderful school. I cannot thank the teachers and staff enough for the life skills and academic learning that they taught my children while they were there. Not only did it help them to foster a love for school, but also created a learning atmosphere where they could excel and feel proud of their accomplishments. The teacher to child ratio was exquisite, and ensured that each child was given ample attention during the day. Before coming to North Bend Montessori, we had negative experiences in regards to other programs. North Bend Montessori was able to help my child get past this and thrive in their school. Both of my children have now moved beyond the school due to graduating Kindergarten, and are now at the public school where both still continue to love school as well as thrive socially. They connect strongly with their teachers, are respectful, and still love to learn.

As a parent, I felt so incredibly lucky to have found this school for my children to attend. The whole staff is amazing and I was sad to say goodbye when my children grew up and out of the program/school. I will always cherish our time at North Bend Montessori, Inc., as do my children, who frequently ask to go back and visit their teachers, and their school. It is crucial for the formative years of childhood to be nurtured and foster positive learning experiences with able teachers who go above and beyond both academically and on a personal level, while setting a good example of professionalism. The teachers and staff at NBM, Inc. do this and they do it well! I can't thank them enough, and there will always be a special place in our hearts for them, as well as special memories made there. Thank you North Bend Montessori."

-The Beatty family