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Serving Snoqualmie Valley since 1996
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Enrollment for 2018-2019 School Year begins February 1st.

Montessori School in North Bend, Washington

Welcome to North Bend Montessori, Inc!

North Bend Montessori, Inc. is located in North Bend to serve the Snoqualmie Valley Community for toddler & preschool classes.

As the Director of North Bend Montessori, Inc., I have high expectations for the students that attend here. I have been fortunate enough to receive both my Primary and Elementary training in the Montessori education. I feel that it is very important children are given every opportunity for a great foundation to their education that they can use throughout their lives.

I have been involved in setting up teaching the Montessori method since 1989. During this time, I have witnessed children becoming involved in their learning and succeeding to levels that are far beyond their years. The key to a child's development/learning is a fun-filled atmosphere with materials and manipulatives that encourage them to learn in a way that comes easily to them. Learning should be fun for your child, not a chore; therefore, school becomes a joy, not a burden.

The environments in the Toddler and Preschool Classes feature open-ended exercises and materials that appeal to a wide range of interests and abilities. The children choose activities based upon their interests with loving guidance from our professionally trained teachers.

North Bend Montessori, Inc. is known for its excellent student/teacher ratio and individualized attention given to each and every student with a high emphasis on reading and math skills.

About Us

North Bend Montessori, Inc. is a Montessori school located in North Bend, Washington. We provide toddler and preschool courses utilizing the Montessori method of teaching, featuring open-ended exercises and materials appealing to a wide range of interests and abilities. All teachers have their Montessori Teacher's Certificate.

Sue Weigel — Owner & Director
Every child can succeed and have great self-esteem when given the opportunity for an education that North Bend Montessori, Inc. provides.
North Bent Montessori, Inc - Montessori school in North Bend, WA
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